Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living Bliss: Thai Glamour

This luxurious, spacious and absolutely gorgeous apartment is located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, in the magnificent and modern 77-story high-rise complex, MahaNakhon.  This magnificent building, with its "architectural pixels", is towering in the middle of the Bangkok's Central Business District. 
The apartment has been designed by the London-based architect David Collins, whose designs capture the serenity of beautiful Thailand and create a lush, but peaceful oasis in the middle of the city.

The large living area is beautifully divided into separate areas (for sitting and entertaining). The color palette is dominated by lovely blues (oh, I love these colors, the rich patterns, custom tie-dyed curtains and satin chairs!). All the artwork is from local artists and adds more character to the Thai spirit of the space. 
Architect David Collins shares his thoughts on the design: "We wanted to design a peaceful space within the city, which is what you really want a home to be. You can go to bars for stimulus, sports grounds for excitement and the cinema for escapism, but more and more our homes are a refuge and a sanctuary. I wanted the apartment to reflect some of the feeling of peace and tranquility that draws so many people to Thailand in the first place."
The spacious and luxurious entrance is magnificent and simply prepares any newcomer for what comes up next: a lovely living area, luxurious dining area in deep navy blues, marble-encased kitchen and sitting area, with silver-gray silk-coated walls (brilliant combination of the cool marble and the warmth of fabric-covered walls), grand master bedroom and a spacious bathroom, that can provide a glorious spa experience.

Interior Design: David Collins
Photographer: Richard Powers via Interiors here.

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