Saturday, June 12, 2010

Personalize your iPhone

The colors and patterns that we pick for our wardrobe as well as jewelry and other accessories are all little outlets of out unique personalities. A simple glimpse at a person provides many clues about who they are and what they like. Don't get me wrong, I don't think we can or should judge people on appearances, but it's undeniable that the way we look has the potential of revealing a lot about us. 
If you 'believe in' accessorizing, you might be also use your 'gadgets' as accessories. Women are notoriously known for that my having different panels for their phones, lap-tops and watches. Of course, men do it too, but in in the obvious glitzy way that we usually like to do it (and I apologize for stereotyping, but let's face it ... most girls like colors and glitz). Phone panels, vinyl stickers and cases are a super easy way to add some character to your daily necessity - the phone. It's true that the phone is no longer the boring piece of machinery if used to be. Today, it is all personalized with tons of applications, pictures and all other features you might like, but for compulsive 'accessorizers', the outside matters too.

Here are some ideas for those of you who have iPhones. 

iPhone Cases

Ever since the iPhone sensation exploded with millions of fans worldwide, there has been ever growing variety of cases and covers in all shapes and forms. When it comes to cases, my favorite brand is Vaja. They offer great quality leather products that are simply stunning to look at and, more importantly, will really protect what's inside. However, as usual, good quality comes at a price; plus, if you order a case it usually takes around 45 days for it to be handcrafted, but the end product is worth the wait. See for yourself.

If this is not really your style, however, and you would prefer something that's funny, or geeky, or whimsical there's a lot to pick from. Let me share with you some finds from the Etsy store, but just keep in mind that items there are unique and usually come just one in stock.

iPhone Vinyl Stickers

Another way to personalize your iPhone is the vinyl stickers that are also very popular not only for phones, but for lap tops as well. Again, some interesting ones can be found in the Etsy store.

iPhone Skins

Here are some finds from ModCloth.

As you can see, there'a variety that will suit all tastes, so whatever the personality trait, you can find the according iPhone accessory.

Oh, just keep in mind that most iPone accessories on the market right now are for iPhone and iPhone 3G. If you're about to purchase the new iPhone 4, wait a wail, cases and accessories are in the making.

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