Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nails: Essie Matte finisher with Avon Fluorine Metallic

Hey everyone, I hope you've had a fun and relaxing weekend and are recharged for the week ahead.

A couple of days ago I rejoiced about getting the Essie Matte About You matte finisher. I love the unique matte look you can easily create when you put it on top of any nail lacquer and I cannot wait to try it with all the nail polishes that I have.

I was eager to see how it would look on top of a metallic shade and I picked my Avon Fluorine Metallic for the purpose. I got this nail polish from Europe a while ago and I don't think it's currently offered int he US. It's not among my top favorites, but it's a very interesting color and great quality (hasn't changed consistency a bit even after a few years, yikes! and is still very easy to apply, plus it has nice glossy finish). The metallic tone has a slight pink tint, but it's very subtle and just adds character to the color.
As expected, it looks pretty cool with the matte finisher - almost like a frosted piece of metal - love it.

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Be well!

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