Friday, June 11, 2010

Essie Matte About You! I finally have it!!!

Essie's top coat & matte finisher Matte About You has been on my wish-list for a long time and I've looked for it like it was some mythical creature. None of the stores that carry Essie products had it in stock, but I somehow resisted the temptation of ordering it online. 

Well, yesterday, I finally got my hands on a the magic bottle of this much raved for matte finisher and it didn't disappoint.

I tried it on on top of my OPI Edin-Burgundy and I love it (you can see the difference in the pictures). It's super easy to apply and dries very quickly creating a beautiful matte finish that is just fierce (oh, besides, I love touching it!). I can't wait to try it on top of black and metallic colors, so naturally there will be many more pictures in the near future.

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Have a great Friday night and a wonderful weekend!

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