Monday, June 14, 2010

Shoe time: Goldtone Heel Dior Sandals

I really like these Dior Lolita Open-toe Sandal Boots that are currently on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue. These beauties come in both Black and Pigeon-Light Grey, but I personally prefer the Pigeon-Light Grey, which really is a beige/nude color. I think these have much more character and the nude color looks great with the goldtone cork platform and heel. The side stud and leather bow are just the perfect chic touch.

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  1. Nice, I want these :) Have you heard of heel-less high heels. A few celebs have them. From what I've checked they are very expensive($2000). I would really want to get these heel-less heels, if available for less. :) Can you please put some pics of these, if you find any...

  2. The heelless shoes exploded in 2008 after the Antonio Berardi fashion show where he introduced them to the world. Who else if not Victoria Beckham to popularize them even more after she wore them to a fragrance launch event in New York. The celebrity swears they are very easy to walk in, but I honestly think she can walk in anything and make it look effortless. I'll create a post on heelless shoes, but i haven't seen any 'affordable' versions around. Nina Ricci showed off some heelless platforms in her Fall/Winter collection. More about that in the post.


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