Monday, June 27, 2011

Living Bliss: Luxury and Class in White

This 19th Century property is located in a small town, not far from Florence. After two years of renovations and remodeling, the owner finally have their dream home. The historical character of the place has been preserved with the 19th century stone floor, original frescoes, working fireplace and four-meter-ceilings.

The space is white, bright and virtually doorless. The architect, Annunziata Forte, explains: "The owners wanted to have an almost doorless house, so we carved big symmetrical openings into the walls that create a seamless, open effect."
The living area has subtle grey, silver and bronze undertones. Forte recalls, "I chose a palette of colors from snow white to amber and honey, which also have grey undertones." The chic and elegance of the Mediterranean style are unmistakeable and unique, since "Almost all the furniture was custom made by Florentine manufacturers according to old handicraft traditions."

The all-white kitchen is modern and elegant. It's not huge, but offers just enough space for inspired home cooking and casual dining.
The garden is Mediterranean fairy-tale, with its olive trees, white magnolias, jasmine, roses, honeysuckles (all in white), and cypresses. The dark greens create a beautiful contrast with the brilliant white flowers, walls and furniture.

Architect: Annunziata Forte
Photographer: Celeste Cima via here.

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