Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make-Up Inspiration: Soft and Sexy

I love this make-up look, created with the Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection by Sephora (the barely there neutral and shimmers).

Using this particular make-up palette, the look is achieved in 4 steps (according to Sephora):
Step 1:
Sweep Pink Cheeks from the lash line up to the brow using a soft blending brush.
Step 2:
Blend Lap Dance onto the lid and up into the outer crease using an angled crease shadow brush.
Step 3:
Starting at the lowest part of the crease closest to the lash line, lightly apply Unmentionables for added depth.
Step 4:
Apply Stiletto to the upper lash line, extending it outward and blending it into the lash line. Take the remaining color that's on your brush and lightly apply it to the lower lash line.

What do you think about all-in-one sets? Do they work for you?

I still haven't found the one that is just right for me. Many of the all-in-one sets for fair brunettes (as myself) have a pink color, suggested for the eye lid. As pretty as those pinks usually are, they just don't look good on me. Somehow they don't look bright and fresh enough, I my eyes look tired =(
So, I keep looking...

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