Monday, February 28, 2011

Living Bliss: The Beautiful Home of Designer Katie Ermilio

Talented young designer Katie Ermilio has had a life long education in the principles of fashion, textiles and tailoring, as both her father and grandfather were prominent figures in the fashion world. As the personal clothier of Grace Kelly, Katie's grandfather designed some iconic items of clothing that still inspire and thrill appreciative eyes.

At the age of 25, Katie Ermilio has worked for Women's Wear Daily and Vogue Magazine before embracing her passion for fashion design. Her creations are elegant, feminine and "embody the modern interpretation of timeless ideals."

Katie Ermilio's Central Park West apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side is classic, beautiful and full of lovely accessories. Vintage pieces and old photographs show the young designer's pride in her family history.


Image Source: From Me to You and Rue Magazine

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