Saturday, December 4, 2010

Great Gift Ideas Under $10

Christmas is right around the corner and most of us begin to think about Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, gift wrappers, decorations and all the goodness surrounding the holidays. 

At this point in time, you can find great deals in stores plus there is still plenty in stock, since most people have not shopped around yet. If you want to surprise your girlfriends and colleagues with gifts, but want to do it on a budget, here are some wonderful ideas for gifts $10 and under. I know any of these can bring a smile on my face, and I'm sure it can do the same for other ladies out there. Some of these goodies are limited editions or at promotional holiday prices, so they might be running out of stock as the holidays approach.

Please, let me know if you have a favorite!

1. Stila (limited edition) 'Fabulous in Fiji' travel palette $10 (original price $65)   2. Stila (limited edition) 'Trendsetting in Tokyo' palette $10 (original price $65)   3.  Stila (limited edition) 'Adventurous in  Aspen' palette $10 (original price $65)   4. Stila (limited edition) 'Make An Impression in Moscow' palette $10 (original price $65).

5. Stila (limited edition) 'Road to Radiance Across the USA' palette $10 (original price 65)   6. Stila (limited edition) 'Pretty in Paris' travel palette  $10 (original price $65)   7. Stila (limited edition) 'It Girl' eye shadow trio palette $10 (original price $54)   8. Sephora 'Color Slim' palette (limited edition) $10   9. Tarina Tarantino 'Magic Hour Smudge Pen' - a highly pigmented eye-shadow powder with a pen applicator $8 (original price $15)   10. Urban Decay 'Eyeshadow Duos' come in a variety of shades $10 (original price $34)   11. Sephora 'Glitter Shimmer Pots' in silver or copper $5   12. Tarina Tarantino 'Magic Hour Cream Shadow' - highly pigmented and water-resistant $9.50 (original price $19.50).

18. Victoria's Secret 'Pink' Eau de Parfum ornament $10   19. Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell' Eau de Parfum ornament $10   20. Victoria's Secret Sparkle Eye Liner ornament $10   21. Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss Ornament $10    22. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss and Body Mist ornament $10   23. Victoria's Secret 'Dream Angels Heavenly' Eau de Parfum ornament $10   24. Victoria's Secret 'Very Sexy' Eau de Parfum ornament $10   25. Victoria's Secret 'Love Rocks' Eau de Parfum ornament $10.

26. Bath & Body Works 'Black Amethyst' mini ritual gift set $10   27. Bath & Body Works 'Secret Wonderland' mini ritual gift set $10   28. Bath & Body Works 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' mini ritual gift set $10   29. Bath & Body Works 'Sea Island Cotton' hand care envelope $9.50   30. Bath & Body Works 'Japanese Cherry Blossom' hand care envelope $9.50   31. Bath & Body Works Mini Signature Cello $5.

32. Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods gift set $10   33. Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path gift set $10   34. Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set $10   35. Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea gift set $10   36. E.L.F. 'Essentials Organizer' comes in silver, black, burgundy or bronze $10   37. Unique Vintage Vintage style red beaded ruffle gloves $10   38. Unique Vintage 'Let Peace Grow' tape measure $10   39. C.O. Bigelow 'Mentha Frosty Lip Shine Set' $10   40. Unique Vintage Black and White Fashion Compact Mirror and pouch $10. 

41. Unique Vintage Pink Polka Dot Shoe votive candle $5   42. Unique Vintage Pink Alligator shoe votive candle $5   43. Unique Vintage Red Rhinestone shoe votive candle $5   44. Unique Vintage Red and Black Lavender filled sachet $5   45. Unique Vintage Red and Blue Lavender filled sachet $5   46. Unique Vintage Feminine Light Pink with Floral Design Lavender filled sachet $5   47. Unique Vintage Red and White Lavender filled sachet $5.

48. E.L.F. Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow 32color palette $5   49. E.L.F. 'Glossy Collections' (limited edition) $5   50.  E.L.F. 'Hypershine Collections' (limited edition) $5.

51. E.L.F. 'Nail Polish Sets' $3   52. E.L.F. 'Hollywood Eyelashes Kit' $3   53. E.L.F. 'Quad Collections' (limited edition) $5   54. E.L.F. 'Essential Eyes Get the Look Vol.2' $5.

55. Cargo 'Botanical Lipstick' with natural and organic ingredients $5 (original price $20)   56. Sephora Piiink 'My Diiiamonds Gloss' $2   57. Sephora 'Lip Last' lip primer making lip color last longer $6 (original price $14)   58. Nars (exclusive) 'Duo Lip Gloss' $10 ($36 value)   59. Kat Von D for Sephora 'Painted Love Lipgloss' highly pigmented lipstick and lipgloss in one $9 (original price $18)   60. Corres 'Lip Butter' balm $10 61. Sephora (limited edition) 'Color Wand For Lips' six mini lip glosses $10   62. Sephora 'Sweet Candy' hydrating lip gloss with flavor (comes in a variety of flavors and colors) $5 (original price $7) 63. Sephora (limited edition) 'Glitter Lashes' brush-tipped pen $5 (original price $10).

 64. Dylan's Candy Bar Re-treat 'Coconut Bon Bon Lip saver' $2 (original price $8)   65. Dylan's Candy Bar Re-treat 'Coconut Bon Bon Body Smoothie Lotion' $4 (original price $16)   66. Dylan's Candy Bar Re-treat 'Coconut Bon Bon Soda Pop Shower Gel' $4 (original price $16)   67. E.L.F. '4 piece Bamboo Brush Set' $10   68. Unique Vintage Lip Balms (come in vanilla, raspberry jam, wine and watermelon) $4.50.

69. Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell Shimmer lotion' (limited edition) $10  70. Victoria's Secret 'Love Spell Shimmer mist' (limited edition) $10  71. Victoria's Secret 'Amber Romance Shimmer lotion' (limited edition) $10   72. Sephora Mini clear brush set $6  73. Sephora by OPI 'Only Gold For Me' nail polish $9  74. Victoria's Secret 'Midnight Glamour Nail Laquer' (limited edition) $8   75. Sephora by OPI 'Merry Me! Nail colour' $9.

I do believe that the thought counts, when you're making a gift, but those lovely little things will make the gesture all the more special.
Happy gift shopping and remember to give joyfully :)

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  1. You might have just saved my budget. :) I love my smartypants friend :)


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