Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shoe time: a pair of gorgeous Fendi heels

My hearth foes after these fabulous Fendi Silk-Tulle Ankle-Cuff sandals.  This suede stiletto is a brilliant example of this season's fashion trends in shoes: sky-high and chic. The silk tulle ankle cuff is a visually interesting detail that accentuates ankles which are an admired part of the female body. These would be just perfect with a little black dress or any mini. The heel is perfection 4 3/4'' (120mm) and the platforms is 1'' (25mm) so the heel actually compares to 3 3/4'' (95mm).

You can find these beauties at Saks Fifth Avenue (pictures above) for $675.

Thanks for checking out today's fashion pick.
Have a wonderful day!

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