Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trenchcoats SALE!

"Get Trenched! Look fabulous rain or shine" The Limited is inviting you to shop their wonderful trenches at 30% off.

With their variety of colors and prints, you can have yourself a trench fiesta at prices ranging from $69.99 to $89.99. Sizes are still available, but not for long. So, if you've been in need of a good trench coat, now can be a good time to shop.

I am particularly fond of their Sunshine Yellow and Campus Green. These are such a wonderful and sunny colors that can immediately brighten up your outfit and your day. Both are somewhat unusual colors for a trench, but we begin to see them more and more often.

Katie Holmes stepped out in a yellow trench, while Jessica Alba got into character wearing the same. Anne Hathaway brightened up the screen in Bride Wars in a fabulous green trench. Now you can steel the look on a budget.

Happy shopping!

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