Saturday, March 6, 2010

Make up trends for Spring/Summer 2010

Apart from clothing and accessories, it's worth noting what the make up trends are for Spring and Summer 2010.

It is definitely a time to highlight natural beauty.

The first must-do is: take care of your skin! Radiant skin is all we want to see for the months to come. Most designers emphasized flawless complexion with a minimal effect of 'visible make up.'

Give a rest to your favorite red lipstick, because we're keeping lips nude. It is still very much advisable to use chapstick or lipgloss (especially with SPF). You can also go for a peachy shade of gloss, or lipstick, as long as it is fresh-looking and natural.

We want to keep the eyes fresh as well. No heavy eyebrows or extremely black smokey eye make up. If you are a fan of the smokey eye (like myself), use slightly paler shades (grays and, yes, even colors). However, we want to see long eye-lashes, so do not hesitate to experiment with fake eye-lashes this season.

Here's what designers showed...

Versace went for a light, fresh and very girly look with lavender eye shadow, which apparently can look good on any complexion and eye color. Lips were kept nude and complexion - flawless.

Zac Posen also kept things simple and elegant. Eyes were very fresh with some emphasis on the crease and lashes. Lips were very natural, yet healthy-looking and lustrous. Careful blush placement created a very feminine and charming look.

Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino also kept lips nude, but highlighted eyes with a generous hand of eye-liner.

Ralph Lauren kept make up absolutely natural-looking, where the only focus is keeping complexion flawless and emphasizing natural beauty.

I am very happy with the make-up fashion trends this year. Emphasizing natural beauty should never go out of style, and anyone can look and feel beautiful. I am pleased that this year's fashionable image is focused on a healthy feminine image.

Remember that no amount of expensive make-up is as important keeping your skin clean and nourished. There are many ways to do this effectively, and not all of them involve ridiculous amounts of money. Look for future posts on this topic.

Feel beautiful!

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