Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sizzling Hot Shoes for Spring/Summer 2010

Shoes, anyone?
With the weather warming up, there is growing desire to go out and do exciting things. 'Yes, but should I wear?' Wonder no more.

I have rarely been happier with the fashion trends than this Spring/Summer 2010. As mentioned in previous posts, there is a variety of colors, from the very pale and subdued to the brightest. Femininity and a ladylike silhouette are strongly influenced and so is the romantic, fairy-tale look. So, feel free to create such a feel by incorporating in your outfit little feminine touches like ruffles and bows, embellishments, lace and florals. Prints are very much welcome (and usually, the busier, the better)!

Metallics are also big in the fashion picture for Spring/Summer 2010, not only in fabrics, but also in heels, cuffed and studded shoes.

When it comes to shoes, the trends are not much different. The rule of thumb is the higher, the better. The high heel is to be worshiped (and I've always been a faithful worshiper). The main idea is that shoes should immediately be notices and make a statement. The high heel itself immediately adds a wow-factor, but so do bright colors, big cuffs and studded upper.

See how these trends have been perfectly executed in some of the new shoe collections.

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