Thursday, March 4, 2010

Runway Shoes Spring/Summer 2010

What the models wore on the fashion runway? Fabulous designer shoes!

The creations of some of the leading designer names really took my breath away! From the outrageous shoe-beasts and dragon-heels of Alexander McQueen (RIP) to the romantic, beyond-beautiful Valentino shoes - it is all good!
The high heels rocked the runway! Almost all designers incorporated the sky-high heel as a finishing touch to their models. Versace, in particular, had some of the highest heels and some of the shortest minis in intricate prints and patterns.

Yves Saint Laurent also showed some impressive heels. Flowers and floral elements were often incorporated in the velour upper. The color pallet was diverse, but entirely in solid colors, without prints or patterns.

Another designer name that had blossoming shoes was Chanel. The whole collection was a fairy-tale and explicitly romantic. The shoes made no exception.

Nina Ricci opted for a ladylike silhouette with a lot of ruffles, lace and flower-appliques. The colors were very soft and subdued, with almost no brights. The heels were, again, high, but without platforms.

Zac Posen showed beautiful shoes in all colors of the rainbow, where heels had less of a heights, but still elongated the leg beautifully (not that the models really need any tricks to have a longer-looking gams).

Gucci had more simplistic and futuristic shoes to show. The white shoes had sky-high heels and platforms.

Talking of futuristic, let's see what Alexander McQueen envisioned - a collection that doesn't need much introduction. You will probably recognize these shoes from Lady Gaga's video 'Bad Romance'. He had some of the most outrageous, yet beautiful outfits. I find no words to describe the patterns and colors that he use (expect future posts about this collection).

My personal favorite in runway shoes is Valentino. The slim high heel and intricate lace and ruffle were out-of-this-world-gorgeous! I'll say no more - a picture's worth a thousand words.


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  1. Nina Ricci = WOW!!! I want them all!!!


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