Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bliss on Wheels: Alfa Romeo + Introduction

Hi everyone!
I'd like to introduce a new post category for Glitz Bliss - "Bliss on Wheels". . .
You may be surprised to see something like this on a blog that has primarily been about fashion, interior design, style and beauty. Here's the story . . .  I dedicate this category to my husband, who, for the record, has commented that this blog of mine doesn't offer much (if any) content that interests him. So, I thought I'd incorporate his passion for cars, bikes and motorsports with my passion for beautiful designs of any kind. Truthfully, I do like cars and motorcycles, so I expect this to be a fun new part of the blog.
I hope you enjoy!
Now, starting off with some great images of the stunning Alfa Romeo 8C Spider.
See more of this beauty below . . .

Images: Auto Classico

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