Monday, August 15, 2011

Living Bliss: Royal Treatment

What you are about to see is interior design that pushes boundaries and goes far beyond the ordinary "pretty". The design is so rich, so abundant in detail and so spectacular that you just cannot absorb it all at first.
It takes loving exploration to be able to notice and take it all in.
This is a one level (10 and a half-foot ceilings), 6700 square-foot house in Arizona's Paradise Valley (the Comeback mountains and the desert).

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The main entrance of the house is decorated with black-and-white striped canvas drapes and a brilliant red door. The black window frames pop out against the white walls and the red flowers underneath carry on the color from  the door throughout the length of the house walls. We already see amazing attention to details. As to the designer's style, Jamie Herzlinger describes her philosophy this way: "I'm always asking myself, 'how much better would it look if ... ?' In everything I do, I think about how to push it more." That kind of philosophy promises breathtaking designs.
The designer begins to show us her love of geometry.

The sitting area is in perfect symmetry, with brilliant whites and pale lavender shades, intricate patterns (circles, squares and classic Greek key patterns) and reflecting surfaces. Everything breathes glamor!

Glass has been beautifully integrated in the design of the house. We see it in the fireplace, in chandeliers, chairs and art pieces. And where we find glamor, we certainly have mirrors to reflect it! This house makes no exception.
The pattern we saw in the sitting area is translates in the design of the dining chairs and table.

Designer: Jamie Herzlinger
Photographers: Laura Moss and Werner Segarra via Interiors here.

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