Monday, August 1, 2011

Living Bliss: Moroccan Retreat

This amazing property in Palmaraie, near the city or Marakesh, Morocco is the creative vision of architect Helena Marczewski and interior designer Esther Gutmer. The estate escapes both the noise and crowds of the city, and the heat and dust of summer Morocco by hiding in a plantation of palm trees. The architecture and interior design combine the organic qualities that characterize the traditional Moroccan earth homes with contemporary passion. Such a blend was a must for the owners, a Belgo-Moroccan family, who hired the Belgian interior designer to bring pieces of Europe in their Moroccan home.
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Cactus gardens greet visitors at the main entrance, right before the solid doorway.

Everywhere we see clean lines, high ceilings, neutral tones and natural textures, all of which create a purely organic feel and sense of coolness and freshness - something which is all too important for the summer heat in Marrakesh.
On the ground floor of the house, we find a study, a master suite and three additional family bedrooms. There is a guest pavilion by the pool that offers privacy and a lovely retreat to visiting guests.
The second floor offers a delightful view of Palmeraie and the distant mountains.
The master bedroom has beautiful lavender tones that pop out against the white walls and create a softer, more feminine feel.

The master bathroom is decorated with the owner's collection of South African necklaces.

Architect: Helena Marczewski
Designer: Esther Gutmer
Photographer: Richard Powers via Interiors here.

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