Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Closet Bliss}

I cannot believe I've waited so long before starting a post category about closets. If you like fashion or are one of those people who ask themselves "How do I look?" before leaving the house, your closet is probably an important thing for you. Well, it is for me! It's just that . . . it all starts there.
It's hard to pick up pieces for an outfit if everything is cluttered and falling down the shelves. Besides, a cramped closed makes me uncomfortable and is one of the most uninspiring things on my list. If I don't feel good walking into my closet, how am I supposed to feel good and inspired about dressing up?! Proper organization not only makes it easier to browse through clothes, but also helps preserve your clothes. It's a matter of respect, so to speak.
I respect my belongings, my clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. That's why I could never just throw things on the floor or neglect proper washing, folding and storage. If you do things righ, your clothes will love you back! They will last you longer and look better. Besides, if things are organized, it's so much easier to find what you need.
Now, I know we don't all live in big houses and enjoy gigantic walk in closets, but you can have closet bliss even in a small space and in a reach in closet, you just have to be more creative around saving space. 
And so, this category will be devoted to beautiful closets and storage ideas, and will hopefully get you all inspired to create your own closet bliss. I know I need the inspiration right now, as I've begun a massive reorganization of my own closet space. Wish me luck!
And who can be more appropriate for a pilot {Closet Bliss} post than Carrie Bradshaw. The Sex and The City show and movies have entertained us for years and Carrie has invited us in her closet countless times. Let's remember what that looked like with some images from the movies.

Image source here.

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