Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nails: Green dots

I wanted to add some green in making my nail without making it too obvious. A super easy solution that doesn't requite much time or skill is simple dots. You don't have to use a small brush necessarily. You can pretty much do them with anything (from a toothpick, to a needle). Just spread little dots following your own aesthetic feel and you have a fun colorful design. Of course you can do this in any color, or put on top of any color.
I did mine in green and turquoise dots on top of nude shade, but just on half of the nail as I really wanted it to be subtle (I can still pull it off at work). Of course, you need to put top coat to finish it all off and have it look nice and flat.

Doing your nails should always be fun and inspiring time. I know it is for me and I often go silly in the whole process. I just consider it a relaxing time for myself and like to have fun with it.

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