Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Blog is Carbon Neutral

Air is a sacred element. It surrounds us all and breathes life into everything. The atoms that I exhale is inhaled by the person next to me and vice verse. Air connects us all as living things and all living things require air! You need proof? Just try not breathing for a while. Soon enough you will realize your whole being demands air. That's because breathing is controlled by one of the oldest parts of the brain - the respiratory center of the brain stem. It was one of the first brain parts to evolve - that's how critical air is, and has always been.

This vital elements is for all of us to share, without boundaries or privileges. Breathing air is a right that we have enjoyed and the generations to come deserve the same right. Yet, we pollute the air more rapidly than ever before in human history. We not only dump poisonous chemicals in the atmosphere, but we take away the Earth's natural Oxygen-supply-system - forests. We buy gadgets to filtrate our tap water, or buy bottled water. We are concerned with eating organic food, or ,to say the least ,we don't want to consume anything poisonous. However, we forget to pay the same regard to the quality of the air we breathe, because too often, we take it for granted. Well, I am afraid that, soon enough, clean air will not be as freely available. If that happens, will we just buy bottled air? How  are we going to filtrate it for our children? I say we don't wait any longer. I believe that everyone has a choice and  if we collectively exercise the power to make constructive decisions, good things will start happening. I say, let's plant a tree! =)

If you are not able to go out there and plant a tree yourself, you can support the  "Make it Green Programme" and the Arbor Day Foundation. They will plant a tree for you, so that it could minimize your carbon footprint.

I want my blog to be carbon neutral and I support the 'Make it Green Programme'!

Telepopmusik - Breathe

Photograph: Joanna Kustra

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