Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fashion inspiration: Flowers in a clowdy sky

Hello everyone!
I was away for a few days and carelessly missed three days without posting anything. However, it was a delight to spend time away from my computer and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors where my favorite items were flowers, blossoming trees, bunnies and ocean waves.

Back to reality, it's a different kind of dream - the hubbub of the city, the beautiful people walking the streets and the excitement of the 24/7 lifestyle. 

Weather forecast tries to swamp my day, telling me to expect clouds and rain. Well, clouds and rain are not going to darken my mood, or my attire.

Here are a few exquisite colorful alternatives to the sad and boring umbrella. You are sure to pop out of the crowd with these Pisotti creations ... and when you look up - you'll see - flowers! Pissoti are Italian umbrella-makers that have been adding style to rainy days for more than a century. All their umbrellas are produced in very limited quantities. Both umbrellas pictured below are currently on a sale $325 $219 at umbrellas.net

Pisotti Bright Pink Flower (pictured above) has poppies and lilies and a gold curved handle, accented with a pink jewel.

Pisotti Orange Sherbet (pictured above) has a pink-yellow-and-orange floral interior, a gold stick handle with a knob and a jewel as well as a wrist chain.

Thank you for looking and have a beautiful day!

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