Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Trenchcoat - a must have piece of clothing!

I've been expecting the warmth and sunshine of Spring time for a while. I've had enough snow, slush, mud and cold winds. However, the weather disagrees with me. We still get snow in Connecticut and have no choice but to buckle up. Yet, this doesn't mean that we can't make it stylishly. In this context, I present to you - the trench coat!

The trench coat, not to be confused with your average heavy coat, never seems to go out of style. It's great way to dress up any outfit (from the jeans and flats, to a cocktail dress).

Don't think of the trench coat in terms of boring black or khaki (although I love black). You can get it in many colors: crisp snow white, off-white, gray, metallic and in many bright colors. If you prefer, you can get your trench in a print, as well. However, if you're only going to own one trench coat, you might want to get it in a neutral solid color that will go together with any color that you may be wearing underneath, without overpowering it.

When we talk about trench coats, I cannot but mention Burberry - my favorites in the field. Here are some pictures from their collection for Spring/Summer 2010. The designer went for a slightly shorter trench, that looks just perfect on its own and has a dress-like appeal. The colors of the collection were mostly subdued - nudes and pastels. Draping was prominent in the collection (not just for Burberry, but for all of Spring/Summer 2010).

Other designers had to show off the trench as well.

Let's see what other options are out there. Most of these coats can purchased from Net-a-porter and Bloomingdale's.

If you are looking for more colorful versions of the classic trench and coat, there's joy for you too.

With beauties like these, there's no way but to dress up the last cold days and enjoy them.

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