Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars: Glamour on the red carpet.

The 82 Annual Academy Awards were held last night at the Hollowood's Kodak Theatre. It is a spectacular night of excitement for everyone in the movie industry, but also for the media and the fashion industry. Movie and fashion enthusiast wait to see their favorite stars. Last night we saw celebrities walk the red carpet in some of the hottest designer pieces for Spring 2010.  The Oscars Fashion can be described as a variety of colors, accessories and styles. Let's see who looked stunning and who failed to impress.
My overall impression is that the stars preferred a fresher look (in both gowns, hair and make-up) without a heavily made-up feel. I find that delightful and completely in tune with the fashion trends.

I think Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely amazing. The star gave her sultry look a rest and went for a more romantic style.  Cameron Diaz wore a beautiful strapless dress with embellishments (and beautifully toned arms). Amanda Seyfried also chose a flowing strapless light dress. Elizabeth Banks looked gorgeous in her Versace gown. I like the color, most of all and i thing it works great for her fair complexion.
 No red carpet event can go without a classic black gown. Mariska Hargitay and Kristen Stewart both walked in strapless and belted black dresses that looked elegantly stunning. Tina Fey and Carrey Mulligan preferred embellishments.
  The fashion at the Oscars showed some seroius ruffles and draping, which can be a risky thing for a red-carpet gown, but I thing these ladies looked wonderful. Ahh, Demi Moore, she just get better with age. Her nude ruffled gown was phenomenal and the color made her complexion glow. Anna Kendrick was in a dreamy Elie Saab gown. Sarah Jessica Parker picked a creamy Chanel couture that had certain visual interest, but also a huge wrinkled line in the middle. Chanel was also the choice of Diane Kruger, who brought a retro glam feel to the red carpet.
Beautiful blues and purple tones were properly presented as well. Zoe Saldana walked in a memorable Givenchy gown with bejeweled bustier and ruffled train. Normally, i wouldn't like that many ruffles, but there is something about the dress that I really liked. I think the colors did it for me. I simply love these deep purple tones. Maggie Gyllenhaal wore and exotic strapless dress in rich purple and blue. Rachel McAdams has won my heart ever since 'The Notebook' and can never really disappoint me. I didn't think I can be more impressed either, but I am completely infatuated with her gorgeous dress. The colors looked beautiful with her fair complexion and blue eyes and she looked like a nymph, out of this world. Hellen Mirren is a classic beauty and she dressed in style for the event in a stunning embellished delicate dress.
Penelope Cruz knows how to look amazing on the red carpet and has an impressive number of 'best dressed' under her belt. Well, I think she did it once again in this glamorous red gown. Sandra Bullock dressed to impress and her laced gold gown was wordy of an award, just like the actress' performance. Jane Seymour can easily put women half her age to shame. She looked lovely in this fitting red gown. Young star Miley Cyrus has a lot in front of her and, despite her young age, she certainly appears to be on the right track with a blooming career and a good sense of style. I'm excited to see her style evolution in years to come.
Charlize Theron is one of my favorite actresses and I admire her style. However, I was disappointed with her Dress. I thought the color and draped train were beautiful, but I just can't go past the weirdness of the bustier, which reminded me of a destroyed 'vintage Madonna' bra.  I couldn't wait to see her on the red carpet, but when I did, the only thing I could utter was:"Whyyyy?"  What do you think? Mariah Carey did not impress either. Her choice of dresses is now too predictable: the more skin it shows, the better. There's more to a memorable timeless look than showing skin. Unfortunately I can't really say anything else about the dresses of Kathy Ireland and Kate Winslet than 'blah'. Kate Winslet is usually a stunning beauty on the red carpet, but her dress simply didn't do it last night.

Please, let me know what you thought of the Oscars' Fashion and vote for your favorite and least favorite look.

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  1. 3 things:

    What on earth was Sarah Jessica Parker thinking when she put that dress on? Didn't she notice the wrinkle? Didn't she realize that the dress looks like a bed sheet wrapped around her? It doesn't even contour her gorgeous body. Thumbs down for her.

    Dima, you are right! Demi Moore looks better every year.. maybe she is related to Benjamin Button! I loved the dress, the make-up,her natural glow, and her ridiculously fit body. I'm all in for ruffles this season!

    Lastly, I can't seem to find any pictures of Nicole Kidman from that night. Did she not show? Nicole always amazes me with her Greek goddess halo and beautiful fashion.

    Thanks for the post! Really enjoyed voting and looking at the dresses.


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