Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hit the Gym In Style

The excitement in the air is rising along with the temperatures. As the weather becomes more inviting, we tend to spend more time in the outdoors, be more active, feel more energized and laugh more. Sunlight is a wonderful remedy for mild depression. It boost energy levels and helps balance hormonal levels.
Something else that is bound to happen as it gets warmer, is that we begin to show more skin. If you've taken good care of your skin and body during the winter, it's just a matter of slipping in a more revealing piece. However, if you've neglected the gym and the moisturizers, it's time for a quick intervention. Workouts are critical for well-being. They help boost and regulate metabolism, energy levels, hormones and if you do things right - get enough sleep and nutrition - you just feel so much better!
Going to the gym should be an exciting and motivating time! Therefore, there's no reason to go there in baggy sweats and old, faded or stained t-shirts. Ever noticed that the gym is full of mirrors? Well, you should feel good seeing your reflection and noticing the progress that you're making. This could never happen if you're wearing ill-fitted clothes. It really makes all the difference. Even if you are self-conscious of your figure (but who isn't?), you actually end up looking worse, and bigger, in loose-fitting clothes. Not to mention, the gym can be one of those great places to meet people. In that event, you don't want to feel embarrassed, right?! You have only one chance to make a first impression!
Find active-wear that is your size (not bigger, but not any tinier either) and will provide comfort and good fit. Leading brands are doing an excellent job in creating structured active-wear that does make you look slimmer and fitter. You still need to do your job in the gym, though ;)

This season is all about bright colors, prints and attention to details (ruffles, draping, etc). Gym clothes follow the same trends. Metallics are very popular too. Getting new gym attire can actually help you get more excited about going to the gym.

Zobha is an established brand, whose Spring collection is very colorful and trendy. The offer free shipping and free returns. Most items are between $50 and $80.

Fitness Fit is another option for the gym-inspired. They have some wonderful (and dare I say flirty) pieces. Who said you can't dress up for the gym?

Adidas needs no introduction. Below are a few pieces from the spring collections that show what fashion in the gym i s all about.

Below are some more of my favorite pieces: 1. Anatomie Double layer mesh tank $99 2. Bebe Sport Colorblock half-zip cami $44 3. Anatomie Sleeveless tank with zipper $89 4. Athleta slouch tee $39 in Sea Coral 5. Adidas Women's night jogger track top in Magic Orange $65 6. Adidas Women's night jogger track pants $50 7. Stella McCartney for Adidas Women's run performance jacket $175 8. Nike Break point Women's tennis shirt in Cool Mint/white/lilac $55 9. Nike Break point women's tennis shirt in Pink Flash $55 10. Athleta UV beach breeze in Havana Blue $69 11. Nike Tech women's skort in Med.soft pink $60

Athleta is the best in pretty prints and feminine, even romantic, looks in active-wear and they make free exchanges for any reason. Below: 1. Athleta Girona Sleeveless Cycling Jersey $59 2. Athleta Kindred Cami in Asphalt Bottany $59 3. Athleta Pavitra top $39 4. Athleta Organic Cotton Tie Tank $49 5. Athleta Denali Tee $54 6. Athleta Tattoo Tank by Yellowman® on sale for $39.99 7. Athleta Tattoo Tank by YellowMan® in Black Floral Bouquet $64 8. Athleta Kindred Cami in Black Echo $59 9. Athleta Capellini Cami $49 10. Athleta Sarita Bag by Dakine® $55

I hope these suggestion can help you get inspired for your workouts and feel beautiful!

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