Friday, March 19, 2010

Add Instant Style with a Scarf (part 1)

The scarf is a favorite accessory of ladies all over the world. It's an amazingly versatile piece and a must-have that can be added to any outfit, in any season. It's equally loved by royalties, celebrities and us, common folk, and looks great on all age groups.
A soft scarf is wonderful to keep you warm in the bitter cold winds of the winter, or keep you cozy in chilly spring mornings and it's simply irresistible in cooler summer nights. Added to any casual outfit, the scarf adds instant style and creates a more sophisticated and chick look. It's an easy way to add some bright colors or patterns to your outfit, without 'risking' much. I encourage everyone to experiment and have fun with scarves this spring.
Remember that you scarf does not have to follow any strict rules or match any other colors in your outfit, so you can't really go wrong. Isn't that great!?
Another great thing about the scarf is that there are many many different ways to tie it, so that you still look different wearing the same piece.
Celebrities adore the scarf and the pictures below may give you some new ideas.
You can do a Neck wrap: wrap the whole scarf around your neck for a super bundled look. This look is especially nice if you're wearing your hair up and want to show off beautiful earrings too.

You could wrap it around your neck once for a relaxed casual look. You can do that with either skinny or a bigger scarf, it's just as cute. An intricate scarf worn like that can easily replace jewelry and still finish off your outfit.

You can do a 'no tie tie' and still brighten up your outfit.

With an extra long scarf you can wrap it around once and then do a simple tie knot in a Stock tie. This style is very often sported by Jenifer Aniston, who loves to keep warm in a scarf. Of course, you can also do a simple knot tie for an everyday chick look.

The Eauropean loop knot is classic, also quick and super easy to do, while adding visual interest.

If want  to become and expert on scarf tying and get many new ideas, visit Texture Silk's Scarf Tying Guide. Feel free to respond with pictures if you've tried any of the suggestions and like the results.

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